The GNC gullibility spell

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I personally know several otherwise very intelligent, college educated professionals who get their supplement advice from GNC. They are scientific and methodical every moment they are at work but something magical seems to happen when they walk thru those doors at GNC or other supplement store, its like they are put under a spell – the GNC gullibility spell.

If an engineer with four PhD’s walked into their office at work and said “I can make this CPU 73% faster in 4 weeks”, they would say “WTF are you smoking?”. Under the magical GNC gullibility spell though, someone who hasn’t even got a high school diploma tells them that they can gain 10 pounds of muscle in a month and their response is – “how much does it cost?”.  People desperately want to believe that the pill of the future is here TODAY. They know that all past supplements are pretty worthless but THIS one, this is the miraculous break thru that makes it easy to gain that 10 pounds of muscle in a month while the fat melts away. They want to believe this SO bad that they suspend all critical thinking skills and take the word of the sales person giving them a sales pitch filled with all kinds of impressive and optimistic sounding words –

If you want to buy supplements, fine, but please do your research BEFORE you  walk into the supplement store and decide what *ingredients* you want to buy.  What do I mean?  “Creatine” is an ingredient.  “Jack3D” is a product, a mixture of many ingredients, most of which you do not want.    Please read about supplements!  Whatever you do, do NOT base your buying decisions based upon the sales pitch of the muscular guy with the acne pocked face behind the counter who gets a commission on the everything you buy!

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