Crestor #1 Drug in America!

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This just in, WebMD just reported that Crestor is the #1 best selling drug in America – 23,700,000 prescriptions per year!  That is almost 8% of the America’s population. This is the dark side of capitalism in action. Make hundreds of millions of dollars selling… Read More »Crestor #1 Drug in America!

DIY Protein Bulking Bars!

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Not only are the bulking bars and shakes for sale at gyms everywhere expensive, “Sauteuer” as the Germans say, but they are full of unhealthy JUNK. My 100% natural protein bulking bars are easy to make AND inexpensive. Seriously, what could be more natural than… Read More »DIY Protein Bulking Bars!

The W Diet

The W Diet How would you like to eat whatever you want and still lose weight?  It really is possible with the “W Diet”!  The W Diet not only takes the pounds off but helps you keep them off when the diet is over because… Read More »The W Diet