All you can eat french fries at TGI Fridays!

AAArgh!   The all you can drink sodas are bad enough, but now TGI Fridays has topped that – all you can eat french fries!  Want 10,000 calories?  No problem!  Get their $10 burger and get all you can eat french fries!

Caloric dense foods like greasy french fries let you pack those calories in and they are so tasty, its hard to stop.  Is there no hope?  Are we going to just get fatter and fatter until everyone needs a motorized wheelchair to get around?

all you can eat french fries


Its easy to attempt to try and place the blame on the restaurants that offer these “all you can eat” items, but its not their fault, they just give people what they want.  We have control over what we eat and need to take personal responsibility for our health and nutrition.  Nobody is forcing us to drink gallons of free Coke refills and piles of free french fries.   Trouble is they are tasty and thats what most people want.  Just try a marketing campaign where you offer all you can eat nonfat cole slaw and organic rice milk, not going to win you any customers!  People want salt, fat and delicious artificial flavors and thats what marketers give them.

I was just watching South Park tonight when the TGI Fridays advertisement came on and I was so disgusted that I had to run to my computer to tell you about it.