giving vegans a bad name

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What I learned about vegans in my last video “vegan bodybuilding nutrition” is that there are a lot of angry vegans running around with chips on their shoulder and political axes to grind.  If you look at my Facebook Post, there is not one single word… Read More »giving vegans a bad name

King of Aesthetics

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Zyzz, the King of Aesthetics died at age 22 – who wants to be next?  Looking fit is not necessarily the same as *being* fit and many people seem to lose this distinction.  For the millions of you who idolize Jeff Seid and the GymShark… Read More »King of Aesthetics

Fat, villain or hero?

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So whats going on? Is fat making you healthy or killing you? Like a number of things in medicine, this one is flip flopping. Now we have medical professionals with passionately strong, and polar opposite, beliefs on the subject of dietary fat and saturated fat… Read More »Fat, villain or hero?

Ripped Abs the Easy Way!

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Lose 28 pounds fat the easy way! Want to melt away fat to uncover those sixpack abs the easiest way on the planet? You don’t need pills, surgery, or expensive eBooks. This method lets you lose the fat without doing a single crunch or running… Read More »Ripped Abs the Easy Way!

Farting can save your life!

Passing gas can save your life!  There is such a social tabu on farting that people are willing to slowly kill themselves in order to be socially acceptable.  A simple “Quack!” at a social gathering completely disrupts the conversational flow as full grown adults revert… Read More »Farting can save your life!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Pre-earn your celebration!  If you plan on drinking or eating, consider pre-earning your calories! For each beer you plan on drinking, run for 15-20 minutes!