Mayonnaise is #1 condiment, substitute ketchup for sixpack abs!

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Mayonnaise is #1 condiment in America!

If obesity is a disease, this is the jar it comes in!

Wow, no wonder America has an obesity problem. Mayonnaise is the #1 condiment by far!

The condiment market in USA is about $1,785 Million and of that, $977 Million are mayo products – 55%. I guess people dont think of it this way but mayo is about 80% fat, its like smearing lard on your burger.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is the healthy substitution method. Take a few food items that you eat on a regular basis and substitute something healthier. This is a great example. Throw out your mayo and use ketchup or better yet, salsa instead! Its a minor change that can make the difference between gaining fat and losing fat.

Here are the top 10 condiments in 2010:

  1. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise: $401M
  2. Tostito’s Salsa: $286M
  3. Heinz Ketchup: $278M
  4. Best Foods Mayonnaise: $175M
  5. Kraft Miracle Whip Mayonnaise: $163M
  6. Kraft Mayonnaise: $159M
  7. French’s Classic Mustard: $88M
  8. Kraft Mayo: $79M
  9. Pace Salsa: $74M
  10. Hunt’s Ketchup: $73M