More ripped and more vascular in just one week!

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This is the worlds fastest way to look better … and its healthy too!  You can look more vascular and visibly leaner in just one single week without any wacko diets, drugs, or pills.  How?  Its easy! Reduce your sodium intake!!!!  Consider doing the 14 day sodium challenge!

Reducing sodium to get leaner works for everyone but the results are the most dramatic in people who already have visible sixpack abs. When you are down to that bodyfat level, losing the sodium bloat can make the difference between vascularity and no vascularity. If you bodyfat is high you obviously wont see vascularity or abs but you WILL notice that your pants are looser!

If you have a photo shoot, a high school reunion, or a date at the beach, this is the fastest way to look better!  Remember though, the weight you drop during this week is just water, its not fat, so don’t let it go to your head!

Nutrition Impossible?

No, we can do it!!!!

the sodium challenge