Believe Nothing You See!

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Most people know that before-after “success story” photos are photoshopped. What people dont realize is that video is also commonly “photoshopped”. In my April Fools Video where I confessed to doing my first cycle I did some very wuick and dirty image manipulation – less… Read More »Believe Nothing You See!

scooby natty no more

Easy Muscle Gain Shortcuts!

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There are truly shortcuts for gaining muscle that really work. In the progress chart, look at the spectacular gains I made between 2015 and 2018! The below youtube playlist shows three excellent shortcuts. I know I made fun of Mike Chang aka sixpackshortcuts for all… Read More »Easy Muscle Gain Shortcuts!

Scooby, Natty No More

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I figured that since everyone thinks I use PEDs anyway that I might as well do a cycle and show them what I can really look like by giving up my natty card. I have been working out 10 hours a week for over 35… Read More »Scooby, Natty No More

AM/PM split workout

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So you know you are not going to be able to workout much in the next week but you have plenty of time today, what do? An AM/PM spilt workout to pulverize your body so you NEED a week off! :) Wht not just do… Read More »AM/PM split workout

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Biking Across China

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Well, biking across a *tiny* part of China, its a REALLY big country!  Every year I do one or two, 2-3 week long bike treks – usually in Asia.  Last year was biking across Sweden and biking from Melbourne to Sydney – both 1000km in… Read More »Biking Across China