Believe Nothing You See!

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Most people know that before-after “success story” photos are photoshopped. What people dont realize is that video is also commonly “photoshopped”.

In my April Fools Video where I confessed to doing my first cycle I did some very wuick and dirty image manipulation – less than 2 hours to make the whole video. I even tried hard to make it obvious so people would know it was april fools and yet, many thought it real.

When you see video from someone sponsored by a supplement or clothing company realize that their video distortion will be Hollywood-perfect and you WILL be fooled unless you DONT BELIEVE YOUR EYES!

When there is big money at stake like there is in the supplement industry and the fitness fashion industry, integrity and honesty get jettisoned – bring on the photoshop!!!

Perhaps we should rename Instagram to ”Insta-shop”. BUYER BEWARE!