Dong People Of China -Happy Labor Dance

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China is primarily Han people but there are also lots of other ethnic groups living in peace with one another. According to my guide, the peace is because each community is completely self sufficient and immobile so people never leave their village. The culture and arts of the ethnic groups are celebrated here as I witnessed in Zhaoxing which was clearly supported by the state and turned into a cultural Disneyland. Here is an example of the spectacular Broadway production quality show put on every night for free to a packed house of Chinese tourists:

Happy Labor Dance

To all westerners who think they are happier than the farm workers here in this “Happy Labor Dance”, how do you explain the millions of Americans on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication, and high blood pressure medicine?

Its sad that so many think this is communist/socialist propiganda. Are your lives so out of balance that you dont realize that work can be fun and exiting? If yours is not, please watch my video “your perfect life and how to achieve it”.

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Kinda interesting the difference between China and America in regard. China embraces the cultural contributions of each group. In America we had the Iriquis, Apache, Navaho, and many other groups who we Europeans killed off so we could take their land. The few who survived were resettled to useless, barren land and given lots of cheap alcohol to passify them.