Meal Planning Software EatThisMuch is a very slick and well designed meal planning tool for people who want to lose weight and learn to eat right.  MyFitnessPal is a fitness tracker.  It tracks exercise and calories.  The difference between a meal planner and a calorie… Read More »EatThisMuch


Were all gonna make it

“Were all gonna make it” – Nope, wish that were the case but there are a LOT of people who are not going to make it. Life lesson here, if you work really hard AND if you are really, really lucky then you *might* get what… Read More »Were all gonna make it


Best Bodybuilding Snacks

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What are the best snacks for bodybuilders?  It depends!!!  You can’t answer this question in isolation because what matters is that at the end of the day everything fits perfectly into your nutritional plan.  Its like playing the Grand Theft Auto video game and you… Read More »Best Bodybuilding Snacks

Olympic Insanity

Olympic Insanity

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Olympic Insanity Continues! Now genetically gifted women in track and field cannot compete even if they are 100% PED free. First the embarassing commercialization of the Olympics, then the made up sports, the annoying “up close and personals”, the wink-wink acceptance of PED use, and… Read More »Olympic Insanity