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This supplement is not available yet but I expect it to be late spring or early summer. Please check back on this page for the latest news and availability updates.  I am in no hurry and want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect from the formulation to the production and the packing before releasing this product.  This supplement will only be sold here, on this page, and will not be available from anywhere else as I want to maintain strict control on freshness to insure maximum results.  When it is available, you will see a “Purchase Now” button on this page.

About this supplement

Name is still not official, waiting for the trademark attorneys approval on the final choices.  This is a muscle gain supplement.  It is not designed for continuous use, optimal is a 16 week cycle followed by 6 months of off time.  To optimize your results during the 16 week cycle, please see the below “preparation” section.  This supplement is 100% legal for sale in the USA.  It meets all the requirements set out for both supplements and contains no prohibited pro-hormones as laid out by the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004.  It is manufactured using proprietary computer controlled processing equipment designed by me to insure manufacturing perfection as well as to obfuscate the patent pending manufacturing process that took me over a decade to prefect.


Although newbies can take my muscle gain supplement and get incredible gains, in order to maximize gains and get results similar to mine requires a solid nutritional and muscular foundation. It is strongly recommend that you:

    1. Eat clean and get to 8% bodyfat! To get optimal results with my new supplement like I did, you need to start at 6-8% bodyfat so you can do a +10% caloric surplus for the entire 16 weeks.  I know you think you know what “clean” means but you most likely don’t. If you truly want to maximize your gains, you will follow CustomMealPlanner.Com recommendation 365 days a year whether you are prepping for a cycle, on a cycle, or off season. Set up a free account and enter your metabolic data, then choose one of the following options:
      1. If you are over 15% bodyfat – set your goal to be a 20% caloric reduction and choose the low carb nutritional style.
      2. If you are under 12% bodyfat, set your caloric goal to be a 0% deficit (maintenance) and choose any of the nutritional styles.
    2. Workout hard! Choose the appropriate workout plan and give it 110%
      HOME GYM
      Beginner Beginning Workout Plan Beginning Workout
      Intermediate Int. Workout Plan Intermediate Workout
      Advanced Advanced Workout Plan Advanced Workout
      Advanced + Advanced Extreme Workout Advanced Extreme Workout
    3. Do cardio! When you start my supplement, to get your maximum gains your cardiovascular system needs to be at peak performance. If you get winded after a jogging a mile, you will still get good results from my supplement but nowhere near my results because you simply will not be able to do the necessary workouts.
    4. Sleep! Muscle building happens during your sleep. How much sleep do you need?  Well, how much muscle do you want to gain?  If an alarm wakes you up, you are leaving gains in the bedroom.

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  • 7 March, 2018 – The product name has been narrowed to three choices, I am working with a trademark attorney to finalize it.
  • 20th March, 2018 – Leaving for China to work on installing my proprietary processing equipment.