Fitness Careers And Money

After years of being asked for advice on how to turn a passion for fitness into a career, I decided to make a free online seminar which is a series of four videos, 45 minutes in length. Right off the bat I will lose 90% of people who will reply “45min TLDR LOL!“, best of luck to them. For those who stick around, I describe how I got where I am in the fitness world, not to gloat, but to help people see the formula I used so they can try and duplicate it. Seriously, how did a goofy, introverted engineer without any formal fitness training become such a popular YouTube fitness celebrity without even trying when there were 10,000 other guys who were younger, hotter, funnier, more muscular, better actors, and more determined to be successful?

Success comes from asking the right questions and in this seminar I ask YOU the right questions to help you figure out how YOU can do what I did. It probably wont be on YouTube. It will probably not even be making videos because we really do not need the 10,001st video on how to do bicep curls. It will be something that combines one of your special skills with fitness in such a way as to set you apart from the masses of other fitness professionals.

There are now lots of fitness trainers on YouTube doing better videos than I can. Although I still do one video a week, long ago I realized that my work on YouTube was complete. Five years ago I started focusing on where I thought I could do the most good and that was in the fitness tools and meal planning area. I now have combined my software engineering skills with my love of fitness to make the best free fitness meal planner in the world, CustomMealPlanner.