Scooby’s Airplane First Engine Start!

Scoobys airplane

Huge milestone. I started work on Dotty on November 1st, 2001. After about 3,000 hours work I had a major milestone yesterday – I started the engine for the first time!!!

Some notes about this video that I should have explained. Since the engine had never been started, there was no fuel in the carburetors. The reason it had to crank so long before it kicked over was that the fuel pump had to suck the gas out of the header tank, fill the fuel line, and then fill the carburetor bowls before there were any vapors to burn.

The white smoke is from the anti-sieze paste used on the muffler’s ball joint getting hot for the first time. The smoking will stop after about 10min at operating temperature.

Here was my last progress report, I am now at step 7/10 in getting ready for first flight.

  1. Fit, install and paint engine cowl.
  2. Fit and install windscreen.
  3. Fix electrical issues
    • Analog tachometer not working
    • Radio noise caused by nav lights (grounding issue)
  4. Complete panel – labeling and switch safety covers.
  5. Install required placards and signage for experimental aircraft.
  6. Run engine one hour with cowl on and prop on to look for potential issues
    • Change oil and filter looking for issues
    • Flush radiator and replace coolant with conventional coolant (waterless was used for storage)
  7. Have engine installation looked over by EAA volunteers.
  8. Submit airworthiness information for “Experimental Amateur Built” to FAA, forms 8610, 8130, program letter, and conditional inspection form.
  9. Move airplane to airport.
  10. Pass FAA airworthiness inspection.
  11. First test flight
  12. Perform flight tests within designated flight test area.
  13. FAA authorization to fly outside test flight area