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How to get rich, part 4

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Dave Ramsey and Mister Mustache Money are both great resources for learning about personal finance and investing – check them out!


Best Meal Delivery Service

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Meal kit delivery services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are very popular now because most people today simply dont have time to plan their meals for the week nor time to do the shopping. These popular services are great for a few romantic evenings… Read More »Best Meal Delivery Service

what are you?

What are you?

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If you are a serious lifter or athlete, this happens to you all the time. People want to know about your nutrition and they invariably ask: What are you? To them, the world fits into clean little boxes. They want a simple answer.  Are you… Read More »What are you?


Bodybuilder Meal Kits

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The biggest obstacle to many athletes and bodybuilders is nutrition. Sometimes they do not understand what good nutrition is but more often, they simply do not have the time to plan meals and do the shopping. There are lots of meal kit delivery services out… Read More »Bodybuilder Meal Kits


Scooby quote of the day

People who rationalize every expenditure with “its ONLY $XX per month!” always end up with maxed out credit cards. It might be that a gym “only costs $40/mo” but your cellphone is “only $80/mo” and your cable TV is “only $60/month” and that brand new… Read More »Scooby quote of the day


DEXA Bodyfat Scans

Many people become devastated when they get the result of their DEXA scan as it is far higher than they anticipate. People tend to defer to the ‘experts’ even when common sense says something is wrong. Just because an answer comes from a computer does… Read More »DEXA Bodyfat Scans