Scorched Rotor Club

I have finally earned my rite of passage as an offroad cyclist, scorched brake rotors! My relatively high weight and the mountains of Patagonia were too much for these wimpy 160mm rotors. You can see how they are burnt on the spokes of the rotor where the heat was concentrated. Best guess is that I got them up to around 700 degrees Fahrenheit (400C). The heavier you are, the more heat that the brakes have to dissipate going downhill and I had a heck of a lot of weight between me and my heavy pack.

Today was my last day biking in Patagonia and it was even more of a downer than last days usually are. My biking buddy Dave got unlucky going downhill, hit a soft spot, went down hard and hit his head. After a day in the hospital he is doing fine but not the kind of last day you want on a ride.


Next week Im home and will be back answering your questions on my Facebook fanpage, on YouTube, and on the AskScooby Forum.