Apple iWatch

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We are all waiting.  The fitness community has been making do for a long time.  I personally have a Garmin Forerunner 610. The Garmin does everything a fitness enthusiast could want: heart rate, accurate speed with GPS, foot cadence with foot sensor, community with Garmin… Read More »Apple iWatch

Joint Pain Icing

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ICE is the #1 best and least expensive medicine there is when it comes to joint pain caused by overuse injuries.  Jumpers knee, shinsplints, and inflamed shoulders can often be cured with just ice and some diligence.  Before we got any further, let me state… Read More »Joint Pain Icing

How to become perfect

You become perfect by making each mistake once and learning from it, eventually you wont have any mistakes left to make. I made a HUGE mistake today, one that will cost. I made a huge mess of the final coat of paint on the fuselage.… Read More »How to become perfect