Maximum Fat loss!

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Many people want to know the fastest way to lose fat, this video tells you how and tells you exactly how much and what to eat. There are two meal plan options – low carb and low fat. No guesswork, just follow the meal plan.… Read More »Maximum Fat loss!

Crestor #1 Drug in America!

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This just in, WebMD just reported that Crestor is the #1 best selling drug in America – 23,700,000 prescriptions per year!  That is almost 8% of the America’s population. This is the dark side of capitalism in action. Make hundreds of millions of dollars selling… Read More »Crestor #1 Drug in America!

DIY Protein Bulking Bars!

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Not only are the bulking bars and shakes for sale at gyms everywhere expensive, “Sauteuer” as the Germans say, but they are full of unhealthy JUNK. My 100% natural protein bulking bars are easy to make AND inexpensive. Seriously, what could be more natural than… Read More »DIY Protein Bulking Bars!

The W Diet

The W Diet How would you like to eat whatever you want and still lose weight?  It really is possible with the “W Diet”!  The W Diet not only takes the pounds off but helps you keep them off when the diet is over because… Read More »The W Diet