Scooby in a shirt

OK , here it is – a photo of me in a shirt! Hot sun and malaria have me wearing a shirt. The bike I rented, it's a lot faster than the travel bike with 12" wheels that I used in the Tour de Hans.… Read More »Scooby in a shirt

Hotel workout

This is the last time I'm going to be in a hotel for awhile so thought I would make sure to do a complete upper body workout while I have a big, cool, comfy hotel room to use because it's going to get a lot… Read More »Hotel workout

Packing light

Part of long distance cycling trips is packing light, that means at most two of everything so there is room in the backpack for really impt things like protein powder :) More on that subject and travel nutrition tomorrow. The trick with laundry is getting… Read More »Packing light

Biking across Laos

Hey folks, I will be completely out of touch an unable to answer any questions until after the 6th of February. I have my backpack packed and I’m heading to Laos in 8 hours for some hardcore cycling. Gotta get ready for the Team Scooby… Read More »Biking across Laos