Todays travel workout – pullups everywhere!

I'm doing my advanced travel workout for lats today (video to be released in 2 weeks), People always complain that there is "nowhere" to do pullups when they travel – poppycock! Today within 50 feet of my hut, I found two awesome places to do pullups. The first was a construction site with lots of bamboo poles at all heights. I started my workout at 5am to get my 60min workout in before the days ride. After about 20min I encountered a little problem, a pack of dogs wandered by and started raising an incredible ruckus so rather than wake the whole village and risk rabies at 5:15am, I decided to move to my backup spot to finish my workout. One place to do pullups that many folks overlook is gazebo type structures – small open walled structures just designed for shade. like bus stops or sheds. Often the roof supports are small dimension lumber that's easy to grab. Our hut had a gazebo made with bamboo rafters – perfect for pullups and free of barking dogs! The point is that if you have an open mind you can find a zillion places to do pullups while you travel.

So anyway. today's 60 minute advanced travel workout was lats and biceps but I actually did it for 80 minutes because I had the time – you can do it in 30min if you are pressed for time. Here's what I did:
overhand ultravwide pullups
overhand shoulder width pullups
alternating grip pullups
narrow grip pullups
underhand shoulder width pullups

I rested about a minute between sets so this was a high volume workout – 30+ sets. Each set I did as many reps as I possibly could with good form holding nothing back. Of course, the first sets I was able to do a lot more reps than the last ones. In fact, by the end I was down to 5 reps.

Ok, gotta pack for today's ride, all for now.