Hip Dumbbell Press for Chest

Two reasons I love this exercise, first is that is works the chest like no other exercise. Where I feel it is across the top of the pec, the part you want to build so you can set cups of coffee on top of your chest. But the more important reason I like the hip dumbbell press is because its shoulder friendly. For several types of shoulder problems, this is the only chest exercise you can do without causing pain or damage. So if bench press and ordinary dumbbell presses hurt your shoulder, give this one a try.

Do this on the floor as I am and not on a bench because it propoerly limits your range of motion to protect your shoulder. On a bench, the temptation is to let your elbows go too far down.OK, Knees bent to protect the lower back and squeeze the shoulder blades together. It takes a bit of practice but keep the shoulder blades together the whole time. Make sure to keep your elbows tight against your body, if your elbows wander outward its a clear sign you are using too much weight. Your elbows should touch yoru sides when you go down.
As you push the weights upward, dont let your elbows drift apart – keep them close together.

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