Good travel nutrition for bodybuilders

The biggest challege for most travelling amateur bodybuilders is nutrition. The pros have traveling entourages of chefs and nutritionists, not us. When you do intense travel workouts like I will illustrate in next months video, you need protein 3-6 times a day and that is really tough while traveling. Take breakfast for example, you need your 25-35g protein. If you are at a restaurant, you typically only have fatty, salty breakfast meats or eggs. Although some restaurants will make you an egg white omelet with 9 egg whites, very few will. To get your 25-35g protein typically requires consuming 800-1000 calories because of the extremely high fat content. We definitely dont want to get FAT just to get enough protein. What to do??? Easy! Remember that protein powder I told you to pack in part 1 of my "Keeping fit while traveling" video? What we need to do is at every meal, whether it be a family gathering or a restaurant meal, is to take our 30g protein mixed in water before the meal and then the meal, eat our low fat, high fiber, vitamin rich foods: steamed veggies, complex carbs, fruits. This way the two combine to make a perfect meal without making an ugly scene at a restaurant or family gathering trying to get a bodybuilders meal. Alles Klar?

Attached is a photo of my breakfast this morning. The only protein at breakfast was nasty sausage patties so I loaded up on veggies and fruit for my vitimins, fiber, and carbs then had my scoop of protein powder