40 miles down, 85 to go

Its only 10:30am, Im doing ok for time – kinda. Almost all the elevation gain(3000-5000') is in the last 40 miles, so far just easy rollers. One incident already. Stupid mini- van driver cut me off doing a right turn in front of me and… Read More »40 miles down, 85 to go

Milo, my co-pilot

Milo likes to feel he is helping out with the driving as I head to the parents for the day to help out around the house. My size 15 shoe there is actually bigger than Milo :) Wondering why I have such a horrible time… Read More »Milo, my co-pilot

Suspension Training

Suspension training is really big these days, the pricey gym I visited today had a big setup. Of course, all you good scoobysworkshop home workout folks out there already have a sturdy pullup bar so its a simple matter to make your own home made… Read More »Suspension Training

Be Agile!

Fitness, and life too for that matter, is about being agile. When you find that you cant achieve one of your goals, dont just bang your head against the wall harder – take a deep breath, step back, and formulate another plan. This doesnt mean… Read More »Be Agile!

Proof I do own a shirt

Here is proof that I am capable of wearing a shirt. You will note however that the hats are not optional – always a hat!