Lose Fat the Easy Way

Don’t Drink Your Calories! Being shirtless in freezing weather is the hardest way possible to lose fat, let me share with you the easiest way to lose fat – Don’t drink your calories! With this one easy little change, you can lose fat. When you… Read More »Lose Fat the Easy Way

Home workouts Laos style

Bodybuilding is not a big sport here and there are no bodybuilding supplies or weights available anywhere so those devoted few gym rats need to be very resourceful. Here is an outdoor home gym I passed on today's ride. A bench press setup built of… Read More »Home workouts Laos style

Laos, land of contrasts

I died laughing when I saw this! A raised platform bamboo hut with satellite TV in a remote village. Not sure how tgey get power. Not the aiming-rocks :)

Tour de Toilet

It's been rough cycling in Laos so far. I was fine the first two days but then I was really lacking in energy the next five and had all kinds of digestion problems and trouble staying warm, I just chalked it up to rough terrain… Read More »Tour de Toilet

Cycling report from Laos

Pictured is the type hut I have stayed in here. Cycling in Laos is truly a new experience for me because I've mainly cycled in Europe and America. Biggest difference? The overwhelming friendliness! In every single village the smiling kids line the road jumping up… Read More »Cycling report from Laos