Step1: Locating healthy local food

Arrived in Thailand with a brief layover before starting the biking in Laos. First step is always the same in every country, find local healthy foods. In my case I need dried foods so they pack densely and dont perish quickly.

I dont read a word of the language but shopping was still easy, this was sampler to devide what I like. Between the pictures and omni- present nutritional labels finding reasonable healthy travel snacjs was easy. For protein, we have squid, assorted nuts. Lots os interesting dried fruits for energy, guess Ill find out what a tamarind is :) For my dried veggies, Im trying seaweed.

Some of you will throw up your hands at this point and yell at the screen telling me I should just relax and eat in restaurants! Well I will but I eat every 2.5 hrs, if I ran to a restaurant for every meal Id never have time to DO anything!