Zyzz and YOLO

Zyzz and YOLO

zyzz and yolo

Zyzz epitomized the YOLO attitude. If you dont know what either of those are, dont feel bad because I didnt either until two years ago. YOLO means You Only Live Once. Live for the moment, fast and furious, and dont worry about consequences. Zyzz is someone who polarized the fitness community, many hated him with a passion and others loved and admired him. Even his detractors had to admit though that in a few short years, Zyzz became the most talked about fitness personality on the planet and after his death his popularity has not decreased.

Zyzz’s life points out both the advantages and disadvantages of the YOLO attitude.  What I need help with is in coming up with another acronym, an anti-YOLO so to speak.    I want a snappy way of conveying the life approach I recommend on my website.   Something as catchy as YOLO but that means the opposite.  Don’t take shortcuts.  Work hard and get your gains the slow, old fashioned way.  Help others and give back to the community. Make your goals and work toward them.  Think about health and fitness rather than just cosmetics. The thing that immediately came to mind was from Spock on Star Trek:

Live long and prosper

Trouble is LLAP makes a really cruddy acronym and it will never catch on because it sounds about as appealing as MRSA. I want some sexy acronym that is as catchy as YOLO but glamorizes the anti-yolo attitude.

Ideas???  Help me come up with a snappy acronym!