Does Scooby Do Legs?

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Does Scooby Do Legs?

Does Scooby the Bodybuilder Workout Legs?

If you are asking this question, what you probably mean to ask is:

Does Scooby workout legs like I do?

The answer is probably not!  Why?  I know I always come back to harping on bodybuilding goals but once again its relevant.  Your goals for legs are probably different than mine.  In fact the goals for my upper body are different than goals for my lower body.  Nothing says that you need to have the same goal for all body parts, in fact, it doesn’t always make sense – it doesn’t for me.   For upper body I have gone for strength and mass but I like doing endurance events and its really hard doing this using your arms so that means legs.   I love doing long distance races, triathlons and double centuries and these are leg-centric activities.  Look at the legs of marathon runners and compare them to sprinters, what do you see?  Yep, the marathon runner legs are smaller.   There is no way you can have legs like Tom Platz and do the kind of races I do.  I actually have really  big legs for someone who does the kind of races I do.

biking 56 miles at half ironman

Since I make it pretty clear that I don’t do squats, many people come to the mistaken conclusion that I don’t do legs.  In their view, the core of any leg workout is squats that anyone who doesn’t do squats is not working out legs.   Well, as I have mentioned before squats are great but squats are not for everybody.  There are many other ways to workout legs than by doing squats.  Running and cycling themselves are leg workouts – very high rep leg workouts but workouts none the less.  Don’t think so?  Jump on your bike and climb up a 5000′ mountain!  In off season I do leg workouts once a week but when in race preparation I do no weight workouts for legs at all because I am typically doing 1-2hours of running or biking a day and adding weights on top of that would lead to serious overtraining.

When I train legs, I hit the hamstrings a lot harder than the quads.  Both biking and running are quad-centric and you can end up with a lot of knee problems if you let the quads get stronger than the hamstrings because the strong quads can pull the knee cap off track.  When I do leg workouts they are typically 2/3 hamstrings and 1/3 quads to even out the effects of all my running and biking.   In triathlon/biking/volleyball season I do hamstrings only.  In off season I do both hamstrings and quads in the 2/3 to 1/3 ratio.  I love doing SDL and deadlifts but have never been able to do squats because of back issues.  For quads, I typically do a leg press machine which is why I often will go to the gym on leg day.

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Does this make sense to anyone?  I am quite happy with my legs thank you very much.

Does Scooby Do Legs?