Steel Man Competition

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I’m proposing a new event, the “Steel Man Competition”. We have the Ironman triathlons which are purely endurance (biking, swimming, running). Then we have the powerlifting and crossfit competitions which are lifting based. Then we have the “Tough Mudders” which are cardio obstacle courses. What I propose is an event that requires both strength and endurance to excel at. Here is my proposed “Steel Man Competition”:

  • Climb 30′ rope
  • Swim 1.5 km
  • Do 100 pullups without kipping
  • Run 10 km
  • Do 100 full ROM pushups
  • Flip tractor tire 50 yards
  • Bike 40 km

This is basically an olympic triathlon with the strength stuff mixed in for fun!  What do you think?  Is this a good combination of activities to give a good overall assessment of strength and endurance?  What would you change??  I like it because the folks who win all the triathlons would be slowed WAY down with the pullups, rope climbing, pushups, and tire flipping.  The really strong lifters would ace the previously mentioned strength activities but completely die in the swimming, biking, and running.

Edit: Corrected distances to match official olympic triathlon distances.