December 21, End or Beginning?

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 December 21, End or Beginning?

Is today the end of the world or the beginning?  Although some predict the end of the world, I am rejoicing today.  The winter solstice is today and its the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere where I live.  From now on, every day gets longer – more daylight!  I can nearly taste springtime already.  I am a creature of summer.  I love the heat, beach volleyball, and sweating puddles when going for a run.  Its always a fight for me to keep up my fitness motivation in the winter, I even try light therapy.  I hate the cold, grey, short days of winter.  I know there are people who love snow and winter but not me.  Anyway, for me mentally December 21 is a huge day.  I know its the middle of winter but after today, its mentally the start of spring because each day will get brighter and warmer.

So what am I going to do today which is supposed to be the end of the world?  My celebration will be to go for a 10k run and then do pushups for the first time in 3 weeks!  For some that doesn’t seem like much of a celebration but for me it is.  Because of a wrist injury (typing) I had to stop ALL lifting that involved the use of my hand for the last 3 weeks to let it heal.  I was able to do adaptive workouts but today is the first day in three weeks that I can add a pushing exercise to my chest workout.  The worst thing you can do when recovering from an injury is to push too hard too fast.  I used ice and immobilization for 2 weeks, caution for one week, and now I ready to try some loads.  I will start with knee pushups on my fists (the safest position for the wrist).  If I have zero discomfort then I will do full pushups but if I notice any pain or discomfort then I will stop immediately and make that doctors appointment.

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Happy Winter Solstice! Get Ready For Summer!