Build Your Own Incline Bench

Build Your Own Incline Bench

Make your own DIY incline bench

If you want to build upper pec mass then you must have an incline bench. You can build an incline bench in 5 minutes with what you have around the house.  Best yet, it disassembles in 10 seconds and doesn’t take any room at all to store!  I know that you can buy complete adjustable benches but they have several problems, the biggest is their size.  Like many people, space is at a premium in my house and there is no possible place I could put a huge bench – not even in the yard.  The other problem is that the good ones are very expensive and heavy and the cheap ones available everywhere are flimsy and not adjustable enough to fit both tall people and short people.

Here is what you need to build your incline bench:

  • A chair
  • A strong rope, rated mountaineering rope preferred.
  • A board, about 6″ (15cm) longer than the distance from your hip to the top of your head.  At least 6″ wide (15cm) but no wider than your unflexed lats.
  • A drill

Step 1

Drill holes at the end at the approximate position shown in the picture below:

Step 1 in making your incline bench, drill holes


Step 2

Secure the board to the chair with a boline knot.  Dont use a bunch of granny knots, it takes way too long to tie and untie and its not secure.  Take the time to learn the boline knot, you will use it for the rest of your life.  

Tie the boline knot

The below video shows you how to tie the boline knot and make your incline bench: