Why low carb is unhealthy

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I am a lot more excited about low carb lifestyle than I used to be because of the experience of some really sharp individuals at Sweat4health and also my personal experience. I will be doing some articles on it but the graphic below pretty much sums up why “low carb” as most Americans know it is so unhealthy. Its not low carb in itself that is unhealthy but the way that most people go about it. When you look at it from a health minded perspective, its a whole different story. The salad on the right was what I ate for lunch and I used balsamic vinegar for dressing – calories equal zero, sodium equal zero. That meal is about as healthy as you can get! The spinach is loaded with vitimans, iron and fiber. The grilled chicken is great lean protein. Want a few more calories and a bit more fat? Throw on some slivered almonds for some good healthy fat.

“Low Carb” in itself isnt healthy nor unhealthy just as “vegan” isn’t healthy or unhealthy. In both cases the devil is in the details. You can eat french fries, potato chips, and candy bars all day and be a vegan but its about as unhealthy as you can be. Similarly, you can eat low carb by chowing down an entire bucket of KFC fried chicken or you can have grilled chicken on a huge bed of spinach with balsamic vinegar dressing. Its how you implement your nutritional plan that is far more important than what the precise macros are.

Stop thinking “macros” and “diet” and start thinking “nutrition” and “health”!

Scooby Werkstatt

why low carb is unhealthy