LifeCycle Day 4 2011

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Day 4 of the LifeCycle was 98 miles but I added a 5 mile excursion because I wanted to do another century on my mountain bike. Today was more of a mental challenge than a physical one for me. The morning was beautiful but foggy… Read More »LifeCycle Day 4 2011

LifeCycle 2011 day 3

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Day 3 of the 600 mile charity ride “LifeCycle”. 80 or 90 miles, pretty easy today with beautiful weather.Maybe its because I live live in California so Im biased, but today was really beautiful. My favorite part was around Lake San Antonio because it has… Read More »LifeCycle 2011 day 3

Day 2 of LifeCycle charity ride

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108 absoultely beautiful miles today thru some of the most picturesque farmland in California. Deapite a rainy start, the day way flawless weather-cobalt blue skies, puffy white clouds, bright green crops, and numerous river crossings. Today we had the blessing of a tailwind the last… Read More »Day 2 of LifeCycle charity ride