Day 1 of 600 mile charity ride (LifeCycle)

Day 1 of the 600 mile charity ride I am doing (LifeCycle). Today was only 82 miles but the 12 knot headwind made it tougher. I brought my mountain bike because I wanted a challenge and I got it. Im one of the few people (the only?) using a mountain bike, everyone else has road bikes or time trial bikes. And because I dont stand out enough already, I have plastic “Caution” tape streamers all over my bike and helmet.  The un-aerodynamic mtn bike really killed me in the headwind and the 8 long streamers didnt help either.  Luckily no rain when we had to pitch our tents, Ive done that and it sucks. Tomorrow ride starts at 6:30 and its 100+ but flat. The last two weeks Ive been working out really hard and heavy so today just doing cardio was great. Tomorrow I will probably do a back workout, depends on how strong their coffee is :)

Great day for a great cause.