LifeCycle Day 5 2011 Santa Maria to Lompoc

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Todays ride was only 40 miles so I got in a back workout Before the ride started and a chest workout afterward. The ride was most memorable because everyone was wearing red and many were in red dresses, somehow I missed that memo :) There were some fabulous costumes and some bold ones. Several brave soles were biking in red speedos which was quite brave because it was FREEZING and also because of the chaffing a 600 mile trip like this causes. Anyway, it was an amazing spectacle and I just wish I knew about it in advance so I could have found something appropriate. I tried the day before but big boys like me have trouble finding stuff to fit.

Todays actual ride wasnt that nice or interesting.Biking from Santa Maria to Lompoc isnt something I would recommend unless you are just biking thru for transportation. I dub today the “day of stop signs” because we seemed to hit them every minute or two the whole ride long.

Big day tomorrow, going to bed at 7pm.