Day 2 of LifeCycle charity ride

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108 absoultely beautiful miles today thru some of the most picturesque farmland in California. Deapite a rainy start, the day way flawless weather-cobalt blue skies, puffy white clouds, bright green crops, and numerous river crossings. Today we had the blessing of a tailwind the last 50 miles.  My 50 pound full suspension mountain bike wasnt really much of a disadvantage today, I was keeping up fine with the road bikes despite my big, low pressure tires.  The second half with the tailwind I was probably keeping a 20-25mph pace.  A tailwind is a great equalizer, I was often limited by the fact that I didnt have bigger gears.  By lunch time it was gloriously warm, a big switch from the cold first day.

The day did get off to a rocky start though. I was at my bike ready to bike out at 6:30am but because they could only let 200 riders out every 5min or so, the line to get out of bike impound was 2hrs long. Then it was single file thru Santa Cruz with a kazillion lights and stop signs.  It probably took 3hrs to go the first 10 miles.  Good thing I could switch into zen mode. Couldnt change the situation but I had control of how I reacted to the situation. I took the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a positive peddler and the time in bike impound flew.
Anyway, a great day despite the less than optimal start. My old mountain bike operates flawlessly and no butt or knee issues. 
Not sure but I think tomorrow is 100 miles as well.