, Craze, and Crystal Meth

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Craze, product of the year contains designer crystal meth

How many people need to die before becomes a responsible corporate citizen?  The FDA  gave a 7 million dollar fine for selling supplements laced with steroids and then they give their prestigious Supplement Of The Year Award to Craze, a diet supplement containing a designer version of crystal meth.   It appears that a 7 million dollar fine was not enough to convince to do the right thing and spend the equivalent of a few pennies on each supplement sold and do some batch testing for dangerous substances. knew that giving the award to Craze would push sales thru the roof  making them millions of dollars a month and yet they didnt bother to test the product to see what was in it before giving the award.  Is that responsible?  Certainly not. If the 7 million dollar FDA fine did not convince to be responsible, how much will it take? 70 million dollars? 700 million dollars? Had spent $2,000 to test the product they were about to make millions on, they would have noticed a substance in the product that was not even listed on the label: N,alphadiethylphenylethylamine which is closely related to crystal meth.

I know that many of you like supplements and do not want your selection limited by FDA regulation.  If that describes you then you need to put pressure on places like to self regulate.  Because is the 800 pound gorilla of the supplement industry they are the ones that need to lead the self-regulation effort.  A few pennies a bottle for batch testing is a small price to pay for the huge selection of supplements available.  If the FDA steps in and regulates supplements, all we will be left with creatine and multi-vitimans.

How to protect yourself

As I say on my supplements page, buy ingredients, not mixtures.  If you want creatine, then take CREATINE!  Dont buy products like Craze with proprietary blends, trademarked names (Citramine), chemicals (N,N-Diethyl-B-Phenylethylamine), and made up words (Dendrobex).  Take a look at this label for Craze, it had red flags all over it!   Read the ingredients, how many of the 21 ingredients do you recognize?   Its easy to laugh now at the claim “Imagine endless energy” – LOL!  Its crystal meth!  


Want to lose weight?

As I discussed last month, there are several ways how weight loss supplements work, and crystal meth uses all four methods and is probably the most effective weight loss supplement there is.  Trouble is, there is a very good reason that crystal meth is illegal – because its highly addictive and dangerous, people only seem to stop using crystal meth when the die or when they have lost all of value to them in their lives.   What a perfect money maker for, selling the most highly addictive drug on the planet – can you say “customer loyalty”? :( There are safe and effective ways to lose weight without taking drugs!