2017 Motivation Month!

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  • Do you make resolutions every New Years only to break them a month later?
  • Are you frustrated with your job, you relationship, your finances, or your LIFE?
  • Is your life without a plan?  Without a purpose?

Most people will answer yes to at least one of these.  Every year I make a motivation video around the end of the year to get people thinking on the right track but its never enough so this year.


I will have a live broadcast every Wednesday in December so come armed with goal, resolution, motivation and plan questions.  One of the biggest problems that people have blocking their fitness success is staying motivated. In this live broadcast we will talk about ways we can make 2017 your best year ever! Get your motivation related questions ready!  You can ask your questions on Facebook/GetFitForFree or on in the YouTube comments section.

Each month will have a different theme on the theme of motivation although feel free to ask your goal and motivation questions during any broadcast

Wednesday 30th of November:

2016 retrospective.  Success in  2017 requires an impartial look at what you accomplished in 2016.  No whining, no excuses, just brutal honesty.  You don’t need to ‘spin’ a story here as you are not going to broadcast your failures to everyone, but to avoid repeating your mistakes of 2016 you need to understand exactly where you went wrong and how to avoid it again.  We all have failures but few people seem to learn from them.  What were your goals? Did you accomplish them?  Remember that you cannot control what happens to you but you CAN control how you let it affect you.  Resist the temptation to be a victim during this exercise.


Wednesday 7th of December:

Incrementalism for success.  I have not covered this topic before but its a common sense way of looking at things that can help you reach your big, long term goals …eventually.  In this day and age, everyone seems to want BIG success RIGHT NOW but that is simply not practical.  Only one google comes along every 100 years and the chance of YOU founding the next one is approximately zero.  The way to the top is by improving a *little* bit each year.  Do you know how few adults bother to learn ANYTHING at all after they graduate from high school/college?

Wednesday 14th of December:

Smarter than SMaRT!  Goals are important enough that I am devoting two complete weeks to it.  Many of you have heard of SMaRT (Specific Measurable  Realistic Timebounded) goals so I will only cover it really fast but most of the hour we will work on honing YOUR goals so try and get them written down before the broadcast so we can talk about them.

Wednesday 21st of December

Success is choosing your goals carefully!  Having SMaRT goals is not enough keep motivated, you have to choose internal goals rather than external goals.  Big targets are a LOT easier to hit than small ones and the prize is the same so choose big targets!

Wednesday 28th of December:

Action plans: Ttime management, and breaking HUGE tasks into easy to accomplish steps.


If your question is not answered

I will try really hard to answer everyones questions but it can be really hard with all the trolls.  If I dont get to your question then please get a 30 day free trial membership at sweat4health and ask me there.  Feel free to cancel before the 30 days is up, I really dont care so dont feel bad about cancelling.  Sweat4health is just a much better and troll free environment to ask your questions.