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Meal kit delivery services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are very popular now because most people today simply dont have time to plan their meals for the week nor time to do the shopping. These popular services are great for a few romantic evenings where you impress a date by cooking a home cooked meal for them but they dont work for athletes, bodybuilders, or powerlifters. In many towns there are regional meal kit delivery services that cater to athletes but they are expensive that basically only CEOs and sponsored professional athletes can afford them. I’m going to show you a meal delivery service for the 1% – bodybuilders and powerlifters who need maximum results but cant afford expensive services.

For most amateur bodybuilders, nutrition is their biggest obstacle to achieving their fitness goals. ¬†They know what good nutrition is but because they are working their butts off working two jobs, they simply don’t have time to plan meals, shop, and cook so they end up eating lots of expensive and unhealthy meal replacement products.


There are 3 big problems athletes and bodybuilders encounter with the commercial meal kit services:

  1. they are set up for dinners only and you cant make a nutrition plan with just dinners.
  2. The other problem with these services is that they are one size fits all. No matter if you are a 260lb bodybuilder with 12% bodyfat or a 130 pound marathon runner you get the same dinner.
  3. They are not goal driven. You can enter all there data into MyFitnessPal and figure out what else you need to eat in the day to make your macrocs come out right but that is really backwards. The right way to prepare meal plans is to do it the way custommealplanner does which is to start with the goal (cutting/bulking) and work from there.

Blue Apron? Hello Fresh? Home Chef? Sun Basket claim to be custom but they really are not – its like walking down the frozen dinner aisle at the grocery store – pick and choose your pre-made meals.

There is a very cheap way to do meal delivery that is perfect for bodybuilders and athletes wanting flawless nutrition for optimal cutting or muscle gain-

Free Meal Kit Delivery Using CustomMealPlanner.Com

  1. Sign up for an Amazon account if you don’t already have on then get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime and then go to the a Amazon Fresh page and click on the “Start your FREE trial” button.
  2. Make a free account at CustomMealPlanner and enter your height, weight, age, and goal (cut, bulk, or recomp).


You can read more about meal kit delivery services here.

A few notes, this is USA only now but next month it will be available in Canada and the UK, then in December in Germany and Australia. AmazonFresh which delivers the meal, vegetable and produce is only available in large metro areas BUT dont worry, you can still order all the dry ingredients as I showed from Amazon no matter where you live in the USA and then just stop by the store to quickly pick up the fresh things. Just go to AmazonFresh and it will tell you if its available in your area.

CustomMealPlanner is a free meal kit service that DOES work for athletes and bodybuilders. This is a true custom meal service that creates meals with precisely the macros and portion sizes for YOUR goals.

Remember that this is a completely free service that is saving you over $600 per month. To save this kind of money you have to work a little. Although every effort is made to keep things up to date, availability changes daily on Amazon so its very important that you look over your shopping cart carefully to make sure that there have been no mistaken items added to your cart and that the quantities are correct. Because a lot of the items ordered are in bulk, on subsequent orders it is important that you remove these from your cart so you don’t waste money on stuff you already have.

Best Meal Delivery Service

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