Another reason never to touch alcohol – Kavanaugh, jobs, and pullups on airplanes

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Two very high profile cases of alcohol related behavior in the news this week. One is the high school and college drinking habits of the supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and now this unruly airline passenger who caused the airline to have to divert to Kansas City for an unplanned landing so the belligerent passenger could be removed from the aircraft. The passenger insisted on doing pullups from the overhead luggage racks despite repeatedly being told by the flight attendant that he needed to take his seat.

Just goes to show that a little alcohol related “letting loose”, “practical joke” or “having fun with your friends” can potentially change the trajectory of your life, not for the better either.  If you need alcohol to have fun, you need to do some soul searching.

Who knows what the FBI investigation will find out about Kavanaugh but one thing is clear, his drinking habits in the 1980’s could end up costing him a seat on the supreme court. The passenger will be finding it very hard to get any professional job from now on because this will be on his criminal record for a very long time.

Just goes back to there is no such thing as a healthy amount of alcohol. It alters judgment and can have lifelong consequences. Anyone with a family history of alcoholism is a fool to have even a sip. Anyone who is a mean or aggressive drunk is likewise a complete fool to have even the slightest amount of alcohol.