Bodybuilder Meal Kits

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The biggest obstacle to many athletes and bodybuilders is nutrition. Sometimes they do not understand what good nutrition is but more often, they simply do not have the time to plan meals and do the shopping. There are lots of meal kit delivery services out there like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and Sun Basket. The problem is that they are targeted toward rich people who want a candlelit dinner at home twice a week rather than being targeted toward poor athletes and bodybuilders. There are a few meal kit delivery services aimed at bodybuilders but they are limited to single cities or states and not available everywhere. The other problem with these bodybuilder meal kit services is that they are so expensive that only sponsored athletes and successful professionals can afford them.

Finally, a free solution is available. CustomMealPlanner now is integrated with AmazonFresh so that all the groceries for optimal bodybuilding meals shows up on your doorstep. Note that ‘free’ really means free because the best meal plans at CustomMealPlanner are always free and you can get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Fresh – its literally free. After that Amazon Fresh is $15/mo plus you need a prime membership. Spending $15 a month to save $650/mo on a fancy meal kit delivery service is a good investment!

This free bodybuilder meal kit service is available in United States and the United Kingdom. In Canada and Australia you will be able to buy all the dry goods in a single click after the next release scheduled for October 15th. Full meal kit delivery service is planned in Germany on the 15th of October.