King of Aesthetics

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King of aesthetics

Zyzz, the King of Aesthetics died at age 22 – who wants to be next?  Looking fit is not necessarily the same as *being* fit and many people seem to lose this distinction.  For the millions of you who idolize Jeff Seid and the GymShark crew, please remember that its great to look fabulous, but dont stop there.

I know to a lot of you, getting in shape means getting huge and ripped but please reconsider.  I have seen too many people who look as good as the GymShark crew but wheeze like an old man trying to climb one single flight of stairs.  There are lots of shortcuts to LOOKING fit but there are no shortcuts to BEING fit.  Being fit takes hours in the gym AND hundreds of miles of self-locomotion, a.k.a. cardio.  Please consider doing your cardio, eating clean, and living clean too.

Zyzz was the epitome of aesthetic but was he healthy?   If you believe the reports, he lived fast and furious, the definition of YOLO. Apparently he pretty much abused his body, didn’t do cardio, and smoked. In my opinion, part of being healthy is getting a full physical periodically but especially before you start a hard core exercise program. Clearly Zyzz didn’t do this because his heart condition that killed him was never diagnosed. Reports say his own mother was a cardiologist which makes no sense to me. If anybody understands the importance of getting a complete physical before starting an intense workout program, its a cardiologist.

I know a lot of you use any excuse to skip cardio, please consider making it the foundation of your fitness plan – not an afterthought.  Cardio can be FUN, find something that you enjoy.  Try soccer, or ultimate frisbee – if you love doing it, its good cardio.  For many, triathlons are just the ticket.  Three of us from the Sweat4Health Triathlon Team just completed this long course triathlon – it was grueling but it was a blast thanks to the energetic volunteers and spectators.  Of the three of us I was by far the heaviest and slowest, my time was 7hrs and 30 minutes but I did it!

King of aesthetics