Ripped Abs the Easy Way!

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Lose 28 pounds fat the easy way!


Want to melt away fat to uncover those sixpack abs the easiest way on the planet? You don’t need pills, surgery, or expensive eBooks. This method lets you lose the fat without doing a single crunch or running a single mile. Many people think that washboard abs require super-human sacrifices but this one little trick gets you abs the easy way. Of course there is a catch!

The catch is, you can get abs the easy way or you can get abs the fast way but there is no fast and easy way to get abs! Anyone promising “fast and easy sixpack abs” is lying, its a lot of work to get them quickly. For most of you who are overweight, you didn’t get that way overnight. You got overweight by eating a slight caloric surplus, just a few hundred calories, for many years. Just as you didn’t gain the weight overnight, you cant lose it overnight either!

To lose fat the easy way and uncover those sixpack abs just waiting to see the light of day, all you have to do is reverse what happened to you.  Instead of running a caloric surplus of a few hundred calories, you just run a caloric deficit of a few hundred calories.  Anyone can do this – you don’t need to diet.  You don’t need to watch what you eat nor do you need to weigh every portion of food. You don’t need to exercise.  All you need to do is make one or two healthy substitutions in your diet every day.   You will laugh at how easy it is to cut out 200 calories.  You wont even miss it.

A great example is what you spread on your sandwiches and lather on your burgers.  Mayonnaise is the #1 condiment in America and other countries even use more per capita than USA does.  Thing is, mayo is almost 100% fat and even a thin layer can add up to 100 calories.  So do this, substitute mustard for the mayo!  100 calories saved.  How do you save the other 100 calories?  The easiest way to lose weight is to avoid drinking your calories.  Substitute water for that one can of Coke you have a few days a week and you have made all the lifestyle changes you need to in order to get lean again!  But remember, you can have fast or you can have easy but not both.  Losing fat this way, it can take years to shed the fat.

Losing fat and getting sixpack abs the fast way

OK, so you got fat over 5 years and now you want to have ripped abs by summer?  Its possible but you are going to have to work your buns off – literally.  There are no shortcuts and there are a LOT of sacrifices you will need to make.  First, what many people fail to realize is that there is a maximum rate you can lose fat without losing muscle.  You cant lose fat faster by just doing insane amounts of cardio daily and eating like a bird – that is the recipe to becoming a skinny-fat weakling and ending up in the emergency room.  Doing lots of cardio just lets you eat more while still losing weight, it does NOT let you lose fat faster!  You can lose the weight just as fast without doing one minute of cardio, it just takes a LOT more nutritional discipline.  If you run more than a 25% caloric deficit will start to cannibalize muscle.  Fasting is dieting taken to the extreme and although you would lose *weight* very fast, a significant amount of it would be muscle.  So if you are willing to work hard and make it your top priority, how can you lose the fat as fast as possible?  First, cardio is good but there is not a lot of good reasons to do more than 40 minutes a day.  As I said before, that doesn’t let you lose the fat faster, it just lets you eat more and still lose weight but this is important because it keeps you from feeling deprived.  Next, nutritionally run a 25% deficit – no more, no less.  Use my cutting meal planner or my weight loss meal planner to hit this number.  This is an incredible amount of work.  First you have to weigh and measure everything and second you need to eat very, very healthy and make every calorie count.  At a 25% deficit you don’t have a lot of nutritional leeway.  By the time you have eaten foods to give you your protein, vitamins, and fiber you will have hit your caloric limit for the day without having room for a single beer or donut.  And for the cheat days.  Many people think that because they have been “so good” for two weeks that they deserve a day off their diets so the go out with the boys, eat a whole pizza and two sixpacks of beer.  Its just once in two weeks, right?  WRONG!  That one binge just undid two weeks of caloric deficit.

Bottom line

You can lose fat the easy, slow way or the difficult fast way – there is no easy, fast way!  Stop looking for one!