Dont waste food!

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I get very tired of people who are preachy about wasting food.   If you don’t like food being wasted then DO SOMETHING, don’t preach about what others should do!  Many people seem to be under the erroneous impression that simply eating all the food on… Read More »Dont waste food!

Lose weight, get rich!

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Strangely enough, if you have the skills to lose weight and stay fit then you have precisely the right skills to become rich!  What these two seemingly unrelated goals have in common is “delayed gratification”.  What is delayed gratification?  Its the willingness to put off gratification… Read More »Lose weight, get rich!

The rich mindset

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As I mention in the “Is Scooby Rich“, its not how much you make that is important, its how much you save.  We are pressured from everywhere to spend, spend, spend.  People feel pressure to keep up with their friends, their co-workers, and families.  Success… Read More »The rich mindset

Hiking for cardio!

Walking is the best cardio of all, why? You dont need any equipment other than the shoes you have It is the least likely of all exercises to get you injured so you can do it consistently and consistency is the key to success with… Read More »Hiking for cardio!

The Jeff Seid Challenge!

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I challenge Jeff Seid to a meal planning contest. Jeff Seid’s custom meal plan is $59.95, the custom meal plan I design for you is FREE.  Clearly since his costs $60, his is better, right?  Well lets see!  If you have paid Jeff Seid to… Read More »The Jeff Seid Challenge!

Too skinny?

Are you too skinny? “Skinny” – PILLOW SCREAM!!!!!   I hate the word “skinny” even more than that damn word “toning”, why?  I will tell you why.  Its because its a meaningless, judgmental, and misleading word that leads people to do stupid things.  People think… Read More »Too skinny?

Are you underweight?

Are you underweight? “Underweight”, I hate that term. Are you willing to add fat just to weigh what some bean counter at an insurance company says you should? Of course not, weight is not a good goal. Increasing LBM (Lean Body Mass) is a great… Read More »Are you underweight?

Scooby in Budapest, 18. July, Matthias Church @ 19:00

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This is my first time ever in Hungary, please come and say “hello!”.  Not sure if I have any fans in Budapest but we will see! Scooby in Budapest, 18. July, Matthias Church @ 19:00   18th of Juli Budapest, Hungary 19:00 Matthias Church