The Jeff Seid Challenge!

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I challenge Jeff Seid to a meal planning contest. Jeff Seid’s custom meal plan is $59.95, the custom meal plan I design for you is FREE.  Clearly since his costs $60, his is better, right?  Well lets see!  If you have paid Jeff Seid to give you a custom meal plan, please design a free one using my custom meal planner and compare.  Post both meal plans to a fitness forum and ask people which meal plan is better for your fitness goals (fat loss, muscle gain, health improvement, etc).  Ask them if they think one of the meal plans is worth $60 more than the other.  Then try each meal plan for three months and see which gives you better results.

I am willing to bet that my free meal plans are more effective and healthy than his $60 ones.  I remain open minded though.  If for some reason his meal plans are more effective then I will feed that information back into the AI meal planning algorithms and make the meal planning smarter.

As an aside, I dont know how many of these $60 personal meal plans he has sold but my software has designed over 300,000 meal plans and I am rapidly approaching the half million mark.  At $60 a pop that would mean $18 Million dollars.  For $18 Million can Jeff Seid can build you a better meal plan than my free ones or is this just a case of people thinking that something they pay a lot for has got to be better than something that is free?


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