Too skinny?

Are you too skinny?

Skinny” – PILLOW SCREAM!!!!!   I hate the word “skinny” even more than that damn word “toning”, why?  I will tell you why.  Its because its a meaningless, judgmental, and misleading word that leads people to do stupid things.  People think the solution to skinny is to eat more but all that does is make them fat, weak and fat (aka “skinny-fat”).   You are NOT skinny, you are weak!  How do you correct being weak?  YOU LIFT WEIGHTS!

Let me say this once again.  There are two completely separate things, gaining muscle and getting your bodyfat to the desired level!  They are completely separate!

  • Increasing LBM (Lean Body Mass):  You do this with weight lifting and good nutrition
  • Getting a healthy bodyfat percentage: You do this by running a caloric deficit or surplus to adjust it as desired.

Those two goals are completely separate, they have nothing to do with one another.  You cannot eat your way to muscles.  If that were that case we would have a nation of Arnold Schwarzeneggers rather than a nation of Homer Simpsons.

Alles klar?