Meal Timing While Cutting

There is no law that says that meals must be at certain times of the day, in fact, it is better if you have more flexibility than that.  There is no law that all meals need to be equally spaced throughout the day either!

When you are trying to lose fat, you need a lot of flexibility with meal timing because avoiding hunger is of the utmost importance if your fat loss program is to be successful.  What is most important is that you eat when you are hungry, not “snacks”, real meals.  Your stomach does not have a clock, when you are hungry – EAT!

Here is what I suggest and what I personally do that works great for me, I did this during my 12 weeks of gradual cutting for my men’s physique contest.

  1. Design your meals for the day using
  2. Pack your pre-measured meals for the day into tupperware containers
  3. When you are hungry, eat the next meal no matter what time it is.

Pretty simple … and a bit scary too.  Why scary?  Because when you eat meals before their scheduled time, there is a fear you will run out of food before the end of the day.  I use 5 meals a day and routinely, I would eat my 3rd meal before 11 am which would only leave two small meals for the entire rest of the day.  It makes sense, I need the calories early in the day when I am lifting weights and doing cardio … not when I am home for the evening working in front of my computer.   I can tell you that if you use this fear is completely unfounded.   I did this for 12 weeks and never once ran out of food, in fact, sometimes I didn’t even eat my last meal.

Because of our three week riverboat cruise, I am cutting again.  Today its only 10am and I am eating meal 3 with only two meals left for the rest of the day.   Worried, nope.  I know I will be fine. Every meal is *very* filling because of all the vegetables so the last two meals will coast me thru my inactive part of my day.