Legs Legs Legs

Well with my upoer body out of commission awaiting my shoulder surgery on 9/13, its been really fun working out because I was forced to really mix things up. For lack of other options I have focused on legs the last 4 weeks and I have been working them out every 5 days. Just had another great leg workout today. I need to be really carefull not to cause a lower back injury or a knee injury- especially careful because any other injury would jeopardize my shoulder surgery. You know I am always a stickler for slow, good form and to be 100% sure I do this I use weights that let me do a minimum of 10 slo-mo reps. Im not doing as much weight as usual but getting 99% of the benefit at a much lower injury potential. I actually this kind of workout, it hurts so good. Slo-mo can actually be more agonizing than other workout methods because the time under load is much, much higher. I still use respectable weights, on the 45 degree leg press today I had 14 plates (630lbs).

Ill answer this now. Somebody is gonna ask why I dont do squats and claim that squats are not dangerous when done properly- poppycock! That may be true for *some* people but its certainly not true for a 50 year old with chronic lower back issues. In squats, the spine carries 100% of the compressive load. In properly designed leg machines (and in my skateboard squats) the spine is under zero compressive load. Squats ARE very dangerous for some people and are dangerous for all people if done incorrectly. Anyway, didnt mean to broach the topic of squats but there it is.

Im working hard to make sure Im in peak health when Im on the operating room table because healthy bodirmes and minds heal faster

Auf Wiedersehen!!