When you cant workout

I probably wont be able to lift weights for the next two weeks because tomorrow morning I put on my backpack and start biking across Borneo. Its unlikely I will see a gym, at most I might be able to sneak in a quick pushup workout or a quick pullup workout on a tree before starting the days cycling. Am I afraid of losing muscle mass or strength? Not at all! It requires a LOT of effort to gain muscle but it takes comparitively little exercise to maintain muscle. Doing my pushup/pullup/crunch travel workout two to three times a week is plenty to keep me from losing ground and the daily cycling is plenty of a workout for the legs.

Today is my last day before hitting the road so Im making sure that my whole body has been brutalized before getting on the bike. Today I did a triple workout. At 5am I did a 45 minute pushup workout, at 2pm I did a lat workout, and at 4pm I did a shoulder workout. Now I welcome eleven days away from the gym!