Farting can save your life!

Passing gas can save your life!  There is such a social tabu on farting that people are willing to slowly kill themselves in order to be socially acceptable.  A simple “Quack!” at a social gathering completely disrupts the conversational flow as full grown adults revert… Read More »Farting can save your life!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Pre-earn your celebration!  If you plan on drinking or eating, consider pre-earning your calories! For each beer you plan on drinking, run for 15-20 minutes!

Fat Bashing and Obesity

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Todays video will stir up a hornets nest I am sure, its on “Obesity and Self Control” Lean, fit people: Please stop making fun of fat people or trying to ridicule the into thin-ness, it doesnt work.  If you really want to help them,  help… Read More »Fat Bashing and Obesity

Elliott Hulse?

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Last week I watched one of Elliott Hulse’s videos when he was answering a question about “substitutes for squats” and I have to say, not only was I entertained but I liked his “stop making excuses” approach as well. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything… Read More »Elliott Hulse?