Elliott Hulse?

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Elliott Hulse Lean Hybrid Muscle

Last week I watched one of Elliott Hulse’s videos when he was answering a question about “substitutes for squats” and I have to say, not only was I entertained but I liked his “stop making excuses” approach as well. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything he said but because fitness isn’t an exact science, no two people ever do. Anyway, after watching the video I really liked the guy and understood why so many people watch and like him too.

I wanted to find out more about his training philosophy and found his blog which doesn’t really put together a coherent training/nutrition plan. I did notice that he has an eBook titled Lean Hybrid Muscle for sale that puts it all together. If anyone has purchased it, I would be very interested in what you thought of it and whether I should review it or not. I am pretty picky about the books I recommend and in the last five years, only a handful have made it. You know that one of my biggest pet-peeves is exaggerated or false marketing claims. For those of you who have purchased and read his eBook:

  • Do you think you got what the marketing information promised?
  • Do you think the book was a good value?
  • Has the book helped you get stronger, gain muscle, lose fat, or become healthier?

My facebook post is the place to give me your thoughts on this subject.