Killer Cross Training Beach Workout

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Killer Cross Training Beach Workout

SWOD – Scooby’s Workout Of the Day for 4/8/14


A beach workout!  All you need for this is my $6 SRX suspension trainer.   Many people throw around the term “cross training” but in my book, the only way to really get cross training is to get out of the gym into the real world!  Next time you visit the beach, maybe on your next vacation, consider this invigorating and killer cross training workout:

  • 45 min barefoot beach run
  • 60 minutes suspension training pull workout
  • 90 min of beach “flying object” sport

Here is the resistance training part of the workout, its a pull workout that can be used with a 3 day split like my intermediate workout.  Its a simple superset repeated for an hour with a minute or two rest between:

  • narrow SRX row to hip
  • SRX row to shoulder
  • SRX bicep curls

Watch the video of how to perform these exercises:


Very critical to this cross training workout is the “flying object sport”.  Any activity where you are having to sprint randomly and constantly works.  Casually tossing a ball is not what I am talking about here.  It needs to involve full speed sprints in unanticipated, random directions to catch the object to count.  If you are not breathing hard and gasping for breath then you are not pushing it hard enough.

All of the following work well for the “fllying object sport”:

  • doubles beach volleyball
  • beach football or playing catch
  • beach frisbee, with LONG throws